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Here Be Phantoms: An Update

Phantoms in my site: An explanation of the recent malware attack and our move to a new more secure server.


Must be the phantoms. Must be!


  • The phantoms move unseen.
  • They disguise their presence.
  • They thrive on confusion.
  • The phantoms are mischievous.
  • Their motives are incomprehensible—at least to us humans.

Therefore, I conclude that my troubles were due to either the phantoms or some nameless hacker from the Ukraine. All I know, this past week has been absolutely wretched.

The IP address suggests the hacker, but as we knew, the phantoms could fake something so simple.

What happened? My sites were hit by a vicious malware attack for the second time this year. Extremely frustrated, I was ready to delete my websites altogether. I mean, I have maintained a web presence since 1998 with never an attack. Now, twice within the past few months! It was too much.

Discouraging, to say the very least.

I would rather be writing. I have been working hard to complete the second novel of the Misfits adventures. The working title is Here Be Phantoms, although that will almost certainly change. I am loving this novel—so much fun to write! The story is narrated by Cress, who is never boring. It was maddening to be forced to set it aside, in order to deal with this attack.

I would rather be moving forward with IFLit. I was ready to launch IFLit earlier this year. That was right before the first malware attack on my sites. After that, I was extremely reluctant to move forward. I needed a more secure setup, but one that I could afford. I wasn’t sure where to turn.

A tech support guy at the hosting company offered a possible solution. He told me about their sister company. They offer affordable solutions specifically for WordPress sites, which includes security software. So far, I like what I am seeing at the new hosting company. We have now made the move.

Because the malware code had reached into so many areas of the old site, I decided it was best to start over with the Phantomworlds Journal. The code was never in, so we were able to move that site without incident.

So that’s where I’m at right now.

So much work now needed to catch up.